renzo di renzo text

There must be a secret door leading into the room …
If there is, certainly recalls the funnel of a well
or the glass of a mirror. not open but you can only go through with that mixture of fear and awe with
which we pass through a metal detector arches all’areoporto, before embarking on a long journey.
ocore be ready to abandon what we still too heavy in the pockets of memory, and does not of memory,
and does not let us fly, willing to wear our astonished eyes as a child.

The same with which we watched the sky, lying on a grass head up, to give shape to the clouds and to
each his name. The everyday objects of all stations… perform the same function: pierce the veil of habit,
they confuse the relationship between art and life, with light show that the essence of things is in their area
and vice versa, and that’s up to us, slo us know how perceive and penetrate. Oh, those Greeks! they knew
how to live in the gay-wrote Nietzsche knowledge.
Further improvements are to stop live boldly to the surface,
all’increspatura, to peel, to adore appearance, to believe in forms, sounds, words, entire Olympus of appearance.
these Greeks were superficial to are the works of … when the futile essence guarantees the truth
and appearance rather invites to reflect the rest-even mirrors are not so?

Renzo Di Renzo

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